Matt Mowers under fire in GOP First District Congressional Debate on GMNH Show The Pulse of NH

In one of the more feisty debates of the primary season the main candidates in the Republican First Congressional District primary race squared off on The Pulse of NH in the Good Morning New Hampshire studios this morning. The five main candidates sparred over voter integrity in elections, the role of the Federal government, abortion rights and former President Donald Trump. The candidate showed difference of opinion on issues such as abolishing the Federal department of education or cutting the budget of the FBI. The candidates also spared over abortion rights. Four of the candidates said they are pro life while Gail Huff Brown said she is pro choice. All 5 expressed support for NH’s abortion law which restricts abortions only in the last trimester. Candidate Matt mowers who according to recent polls is the Frontrunner and the race was the target of several candidate attacks ranging from voter integrity as an important election issue to supporting Dr Deborah Brooks and the handling of covid over the last three years. The candidates raise some criticism of the job Governor Sununu the state of New Hampshire did and handling the Covid pandemic response over the last 3 years. Karoline Leavitt also questioned the 2020 Presidential results and said President Biden is not the legitimate President. Listen to the entire debate HERE