NH Governor Chris Sununu is slamming President Joe Biden over a report the president might want his home state of Delaware to vote first in the primary process.

Responding to a report in Politico that Biden is talking to his advisers about the possibility of putting his home state of Delaware first in the Democratic primary process, ousting New Hampshire from its longtime role, Sununu is not holding back. The Governor shared his thoughts with Mike Pomp on the Morning Information Center. 

Sununu said the Democratic National Committee’s decision to delay unveiling a new early voting state primary calendar is being done to avoid damaging U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan’s reelection campaign. 


Mike Pomp is a broadcast veteran of New Hampshire with over for over five decades covering news and politics. He was recently awarded the 2016 New Hampshire Air Personality of the Year (his second award) and the 2009 New Hampshire Broadcaster of the Year by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters.