Sununu on Lewandowski Potential Run For NH Governor, Trump’s Future Influence on GOP

A day after former Trump campaign manager and advisor Corey Lewandowski said he would consider running for Governor of New Hampshire in 2022, current Governor Chris Sununu said he’s not concerned about any potential candidate running against him in a primary.

On Tuesday’s Good Morning New Hampshire with Jack Heath, Sununu said he wasn’t focused on what he’s going to do in two years.

“I’m not thinking about that stuff at all or could care less what other folks are thinking about doing,” Sununu said.

“If I want to run for Governor again, we’ll run again. If I want to run for Senate or do other things or go back in the private sector… there’s so many variables come into that decision.”

Last month Sununu told Good Morning New Hampshire he would not rule out a potential run to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan in 2022.

As President Trump’s time in office winds down, many political pundits have questioned the influence Trump would have over the Republican party after leaving office and influencing 2022 elections.

“Will the influence of President Trump be here in 2022 and dictate how things go? No, I don’t think so. We’re New Hampshire. His candidacy didn’t have much influence this time around. He didn’t win and his federal candidates didn’t win (in the state election).”

People in New Hampshire vote for the candidate, not the machine behind it. This idea that national fundraising and national emphasis can really play a significant role here… maybe in other states but I just don’t think it works like that here (New Hampshire) by any means.”

(Photo Credit: Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook)

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