Training Outdoors In The Heat & Humidity; Coach Blaze On Whether Or Not It’s A Good Idea

The heat and humidity don’t have to interfere with your fitness routine, but is it a good idea to take it outdoors in hot weather?

We asked Health Contributor, Business owner, and Personal Trainer Gerry Blaze are their benefits to working out in a hot environment?

“There are many benefits to taking your routine outdoors, circulation is better, you are more warmed up and less adapt to get an injury.  Plus, your endorphins are high you are out in the beautiful sun soaking up that vitamin D that will impact your health in general”, Coach Blaze said.   “It takes the body about 14 days for the body to adapt to the outside environment”.

Blaze answered some questions from avid runners, Brandon with Governor Chris Sununu’s team asked, how do you acclimate your body to running in extreme heat and humidity.  “It’s all about preparing yourself before the run.  You need to make sure you are eating correctly, making sure you are getting the proper amounts of electrolytes, it will take the body 10-14 days to adapt to the outside environment”, Blaze said.

He also answered questions about hydration, why does the body overheat quicker in higher humidity, and the importance of replacing electrolytes.

If you have question for Coach Blaze you can find him at Salem Athletic Club.

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