Pandemic Exacerbates Mental Health Challenges For Families; Military Veterans

If you feel like your family has been going through a lot lately, you are not alone!

“It has been a tough few years with so many uncertainty, disruption, kids are feeling the same way”, Dr Dave said on Good Morning NH.

Dr. Dave Ferruolo is a dual licensed behavioral and mental health specialist with expertise in treating mental health and substance use at Lifeworks Counseling Associates, serving the entire state of New Hampshire.

“Stress is normal, we strive on stress.   There is a good stress, one that drives us, but it can also be very negative in that it changes us as person, when it crosses that line.   We see it with COVID, we see it with Military members”, Dr Dave said to Jack Heath.

He talked about the importance of coping strategies, and really paying attentions to what the people around you are going through.

Dr. Dave is also very involved in the Military Community.    He is on a mission to help the Veteran Community combat mental illness, substance use and suicide.

Ferruolo is a Former Navy Seal and involved The Forever Frogmen Foundation, a non-profit tax exempt charitable organization, comprised of over 90% Combat Veteran Navy SEALs.

He talks about the goal of the foundation and the importance of connecting people with what they need to overcome adversity and create a meaningful, lasting, positive change.



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