Pappas Urges Sanctions Following Russia’s Actions in Ukraine

Congressman Chris Pappas released the following statement after the annexation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in Ukraine by Russia.

“Vladimir Putin’s invasion in Ukraine must be strongly condemned and met with swift and severe consequences from the United States and our NATO allies,” said Pappas.

“As I’ve said before, Vladimir Putin is a bully, an autocrat, and seeks to spread his malign influence further west. The international community must stand united against him. I urge the Biden Administration to respond with appropriately harsh sanctions and to make clear that the invasion of Ukraine or any sovereign territory by Russia will not be tolerated and will result in debilitating economic repercussions and further isolation from the international community.”

Last week, Pappas called for sanctions against Russia should Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine and urged unity among NATO allies in standing against Vladimir Putin.

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