2024 GOP Longshot Comes To New Hampshire

Perry Johnson is a successful business person and author from Michigan, he’s also a Republican Presidential candidate. Johnson has a plan to address debt in America, inflation and wants more Americans to be able to talk about energy policy and understand the facts especially when it comes to natural gas in America. He points out factually the pollution costs from electric batteries in China and other places in the world and says that Americans are being misled when it comes to energy independence security and a clean environment. Listen to the full interview below from Good Morning NH below.

Born, raised and living in the capital city of Concord all of his life, Jason ‘Jay Dawg’ Arsenault has been in radio since January 2001, at the behest of his reading teacher at Concord High School. What started as just producing college and high school games and NASCAR races a couple days a week, it soon became clear that Arsenault had a talented voice to bring on the air. So, along with producing pro and college sports in the mid-2000’s, came newscasts and sportscasts that impressed many to the point of no longer working just two to three days a week, but everyday! From pet shows to sports shows and food shows, Dawg was, and still continues to be in demand as a producer and on-air talent!