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Man allegedly shoots wife with crossbow while she slept on sofa

Cops sued for allegedly harassing town’s Black residents

Allen Weisselberg, longtime Trump Organization chief financial officer, pleads guilty to tax evasion

Strangers rally to help Uvalde students, teachers return to school after mass shooting

Minneapolis Public Schools defends policy to prioritize retaining educators of color when determining layoffs

Memphis man accused of fatally beating his wife at Fiji resort says couple ‘never had any physical arguments’


Holocaust Remembrance Day comes as many worry lessons are being forgotten

New Hampshire to sell rapid tests at liquor stores

Gun rights group sues to stop groundbreaking San Jose gun law

Pulitzer-prize winning Holocaust book, ‘Maus,’ joins list of banned books in libraries, schools

Russia maybe ‘not serious’ about diplomacy on Ukraine but ball in its court: Blinken

Biden, lawmakers prepare for Supreme Court vacancy, react to Breyer’s retirement