ABC Audio’s Wakanda Week: ‘Black Panther’ trivia

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hitting theaters Friday, ABC Audio is taking a deep dive into the lore of the MCU character, with some trivia. The questions range in difficulty from Casual to Super Fan, so if you're ready, imbibe of the Heart-Shaped Herb and give it your best!

Casual Fan
Q: What actress, also seen in The Walking Dead, plays the leader of Wakanda's elite all-female guard?
A: Danai Gurira.

Average Fan
Q: What is the name of the MCU character Danai Gurira plays?
A: General Okoye.

Super Fan
Q: What is the name of Wakanda's elite all-female Wakandan guard?
A: The Dora Milaje.

Bonus Question
Q: What is the traditional weapon of choice for the Dora Milaje?
A: A vibranium spear.

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