20,000 Sit-ups in 30 Minutes, Sign Me Up! A Journey Worth Taking

December 10, 2021
As we all get a little older maintaining the look one desires can become a challenge, the metabolism slows, things are not as tight, and the muscle toning is frustrating.
Then I was told about a new body contouring device, I would call it a ‘Super Powered Fat Blaster’, and I can tell you from personal experience it works, and the best of all with no down-time or restrictions.
I am going to share my journey to IV League Med Spa in Salem.
I was first introduced to Courtney McAuley, owner of IV League Med Spas, along with Scott Jones VP of Sales a few weeks ago.
I walked into the facility and let me just say it was top notch, beautiful, clean and as a person who enjoys health and fitness, i felt like a kid in a toy store, I really didn’t know where to look or what to focus on.
Many of the treatments available are used by professional athletes, actors and actress’ like Jo-Lo and Drew Barrymore, and i thought to myself a bit of Hollywood right here in New Hampshire.
Courtney and Scott took the time to explain the different treatments they offer, I decided to try EMSculpt, a non-invasive treatment that targets muscles only, no cutting and no effects on the skin, and most of all no recovery time.
The medical team was outstanding, all questions were answered in a clear and concise way, and off we went.
The treatment was quick, and the results were fast. Treatments generally include four sessions during a 2-3 week period. I have done three so far on the abdominal area, and the results are noticeable, even after going the first time. I am sold!
The device stimulates 20,000 muscle contractions in just one 30-minute session, essentially tricking your body into thinking you just did all those crunches or squats (you can do the butox too) to tone and strengthen the area.
There was no discomfort, it was more like a pulling sensation, the first few minutes I actually laughed cause it tickled. Of course, everyone is different.
It’s not a weight-loss treatment, but can help burn calories and boost the metabolism.
EMSculpt is nothing new, it can aid in injury recovery and prevention, and post pregnancy patients use it for treatment of slit abdomen called Diastases Recti.
Personally, I can see how it has become a popular alternative to major surgeries like lipo and tummy tucks.
EMSculpt is just one of the many services Courtney and Scott provide, others include Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, IV Therapy, Booster Shots and Fillers.
I would recommend EMSculpt for a girls night, a holiday gift (that person would be my #1) or just a pampered day for yourself, because you deserve it!
Next, I think I might try the Cryotherapy. It’s a treatment where your body is exposed to cold temperatures for a short period of time. In 3 minutes (that’s a long time, really 180 seconds is long), at a temperature of -123 or lower. Cryotherapy can help you release endorphins, increase your metabolism, and help you alleviate muscle and joint pain.
If Tom Brady can do it, I can too! (I think, thats cold!)
Scott joined us on ‘Good Morning NH’ to talk about the facility, the technology and really took the time to explain the process. vleaguehydration@gmail.com
Take a listen and contact them for more on his non-invasive new way of looking good as we age. https://ivleaguehydrate.com/