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Michael Danais

Michael Danais was born in the town of Hanover, NH and later moved to Berlin, NH. Growing up, Michael was drawn to a variety of sports, including hockey, baseball, soccer, and golf, laying the foundation for a lifetime of athletic pursuits. After graduating from Berlin High School, Michael continued his academic journey at Merrimack College in Andover, MA. At Merrimack, he not only pursued his studies but played collegiate baseball for four years, setting several batting records. A few of those records are still on the books today.

After college, Michael earned a M. Ed in Education and advanced credits in Educational Leadership. Transitioning into the realm of education, Michael found his calling as a math teacher at Kingswood Regional Middle School. His impact extended beyond the classroom as he took on coaching roles for various sports at school, town, AAU, and club levels. Michael's multifaceted involvement in baseball, soccer, and hockey, coupled with his occasional role as a baseball umpire, showcased his commitment to fostering sportsmanship and skill development in young athletes.

Beyond the fields and classrooms, Michael is a devoted family man. Married to his wife, Karla, he is the proud father of three children. The Danais family calls Tuftonboro, NH, home, where they share precious moments and create lasting memories, whether it's through boating, traveling, or enjoying a round of golf. In addition to his roles in education and family life, Mike, alongside Charlie Hossack, embarked on a unique venture seven years ago with "Mike and the Hoss." What started as a public television show has evolved over the years, making the move to radio five years ago. The show, marked by camaraderie and insightful conversations, has become a platform where both Mike and Charlie share their experiences, thoughts, and engaging discussions with a broader audience.

“The Hoss”
Charlie Hossack

Charlie started his on-stage career as an aspiring musician at Higgins Memorial Junior High School in Peabody, MA as a lead singer for The Armadillos. Unfortunately they didn’t get far, so Charlie moved out to Palo Alto, CA to work for Stanford Athletics as he pursued his high school diploma at Henry M. Gunn Senior High School. Upon returning to the east coast, he worked at multiple summer camps, coached football, pumped gas and handed out quarters at his favorite arcade at Salisbury Beach.

Surprisingly, he eventually married, got a job teaching and moved to New Hampshire. Ten years of teaching in private school, followed by more than thirteen years in public education, with the addition of two amazing children, numerous pets, and a coaching career covering lacrosse, basketball, football, and baseball. Oh - and he’s hosted numerous talent shows, announced countless sporting events. Charlie enjoys every moment on air with Mike.