Candy O'Terry

Known as Boston’s Beloved Radio Voice, Candy O is an award-winning radio broadcaster, podcaster, master interviewer, and host of The Story Behind Her Success weekly series. The inspiring 30 minute program is heard on the Candy O Radio Network which is comprised of 11 stations from Massachusetts to Maine.

A 25-year veteran of Magic 106.7/WMJX, Candy also hosts The Speaker Coach podcast, 16 Life Lessons Motivation Monday feature, and the Nashville-based podcast series Country Music Success Stories. She is a contributor to Pink Chair Storytellers Magazine.

Chosen by her peers as the 2015 Massachusetts Broadcaster of the Year, Candy O has interviewed nearly 1000 women from every walk of life and is the recipient of 70 local and national awards for excellence in women’s programming.

Born in New York City and raised in Connecticut, Candy is Boston College honors graduate and former 1-meter diving champion. She proudly serves on the Council for Women of Boston College, EMPOWER and Dream BIG. A lifelong advocate in the fight against breast cancer, Candy was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in November 2023.

The consummate performer, Candy never met a microphone she didn’t love!