As A Casual Sport It’s Fun; But It Does Take Skill

June 3, 2022

It Looks Easy.  Roll the ball and knock down the pins.  But, anyone who has ever played in a league or just for fun knows bowling is not that simple, in fact, it can be frustrating.

We are taking ‘Your Health’ on the road this summer, and this week Health contributor, personal trainer, and business owner Gerry Blaze was with me when we tried to tackle the game and bowl a perfect 300!

“People might say bowling is easy, but it does take skill.   It requires muscle activity, its the same repetitve movement”, Blaze told Good Morning NH.

Bowling really is a hidden exercise, research shows for every 20 minutes you bowl, it’s 80 to 100 calories.  You can increase those calories depending on how hard you laugh during the game and each other, 20 minutes of laughter can burn an additional 40 calories.

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