Beachgoers Help Man Recover Lost Prosthetic

Beachgoers Help Man Recover Lost Prosthetic
September 11, 2023

A wave knocked John Alaimo off his feet in Wells.

He had only been standing in a few inches of water when the force of the Atlantic crashed into him, but the undertow was strong enough that he needed help to get him on dry land.

Alaimo has a prosthetic left leg, and it got disconnected from him when those waves paid him a surprise visit during his trip to Wells Beach on September 3.

As he tried to regain himself in the water, his right leg hit the release valve on his prosthetic leg and sent it drifting away.

A prosthetic leg has three components, according to Alaimo: the limb itself, complete with foot and toes; a silicone sleeve; and a liner. The liner was missing, but found by a good Samaritan and returned to Alaimo.