First Time At The Shooting Range? Where You Can Develop, Improve Your Target Technique

July 14, 2022

Shooting ranges are reporting a spike in memberships with a large number of women now taking up the sport. You don’t have to be a world-class competitor to enjoy it. We took Your health on the road with a stop at Granite State Indoor Range and Gunshop in Hudson to learn and sharpen our shooting skills.

“We can cater to anyone who has never shot a gun before to those who have been shooting for ten plus years. We have a ton of different classes, we have first shots for those who have never shot a gun before, and we have everything up to our 400-level class. We also have private lessons”, Matt Bishop, the Marketing Manager said on Good Morning New Hampshire.

Visiting the range was an amazing experience for me. I was not sure what to expect and was a little uneasy holding a loaded weapon, but the instruction by Derek Puzzanghera helped ease that anxiety, it can be intimidating.

“We always start with safety whether it’s a class or a course. There are really two main rules here, muzzle management and trigger finger discipline. We emphasis those rules before we begin any course of fire”, Puzzanghera said.

The sport is not only a mental challenge but it’s also physical.

Health Contributor Gerry Blaze agreed, “it’s very physical you have to put a lot of attention of being mindful of the stance, the grip on the weapon itself, like Derek said safety is the priority. It becomes very physical because you have to keep your body in a particular stance, it takes core strength believe it or not”.

To learn more about Granite State Indoor Range and Gunshop you can click on this link:

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