Former Brentwood Sheriff Says No Plea Deal

Former Brentwood Sheriff Says No Plea Deal
March 26, 2024

With a plea deal offered by the state, and a counter plea from the defense rejected by the state, former Strafford County Sheriff Mark Brave’s case will now move to criminal mediation.

Brave, who is facing eight felony charges and has been in negotiations for a plea deal, appeared in Rockingham County Superior Court for a dispositional conference Tuesday.

The parties were in court less than five minutes.

Brave was arrested in August.

He is accused of stealing approximately $19,000 in county funds by submitting personal expenses for reimbursement with ‘fraudulent justifications,’ and committing perjury by lying to a grand jury about an extramarital affair and his expenditures, according to state Attorney General John Formella.

Brave could receive 64-plus years in jail if convicted at trial, according to prosecutors.