Governor Sununu Releases His Own Congressional Redistricting Map

March 22, 2022

Governor Chris Sununu has sent a letter to legislative leaders to keep the redistricting process going.

The letter on redistricting was sent to President Chuck Morse and Speaker Sherman Packard.

Attached to the letter was a Congressional redistricting map Sununu said he would sign if it reached his desk.

“This is certainly not the only solution, but hopefully will he helpful. It keeps our districts competitive, passes the smell test, and holds our incumbents accountable so that no one elected official is immune from challengers or constituent services. There is still enough time in this process to deliver a map for our citizens that gets the job done, and I hope you will continue to work to get something done through the legislative process that meets the expectations of our citizens. They are counting on us to get this right”, Sununu wrote.