Hitting The Mark At Granite State Indoor Range; We Can See Why Its Popularity Continues To Grow

June 23, 2022

The popularity of shooting ranges has seen major growth over the last couple of year.

“The last two years have been pretty crazy.  About 15-million new firearm owners, a pretty large increase of memberships”, Matt Bishop, the Marketing Manager at Granite State Indoor Range on Good Morning New Hampshire.  “40% of our new members are women.   One of the biggest upticks we have seen at the range”.

We are taking ‘Your Health’ on the road this summer and one of the coolest places we have been is Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Hudson.

“I was super impressed, it was very professional.  I was so excited to get going, I was so excited to see how you would do never picking up a firearm before”, Health Contributor, Business Owner and Personal Trainer Gerry Blaze said.

There is so much more to the sport of shooting than I could have ever imagined.  It’s not as easy I thought it would be.  It’s not only physical, but extremely mental, but having the proper instructor is so important.

Our instructor Derek Puzzanghera at the Range was knowledgeable, consistent, patient, and proficient, everything I wanted never picking up a weapon.

“I was 8-years old at summer camp and we had a firing range, I shot a 22 and won the Golden Bullet Award and I was hooked.  That made a natural progression to the Marine Corp”, he said.    “I meet with a new client try to learn about them and use that to relate to the sport.  It’s a process, you need to work on the minor details.  Like you said I tried to look at it in the terms of working out for you and Gerry.   You need to work on the minor details to get the big moments.   Shooting is a sport, it’s a master, just like a big lift”.

“I was impressed. Derek focused on the importance of understanding the kenetic energy you are feeling when holiding that weapon. He was so passionate about it.  He was loving it”, Blaze said.

The Range is also offering 20% off all training and private lessons.   Just use the code word P-U-L-S-E on the website when you are checking out.  https://www.granitestaterange.com/