How to Safely Return to Working Out After the Covid Hiatus

How to Safely Return to Working Out After the Covid Hiatus
September 7, 2021

Dealing with stress during the pandemic has caused physical changes for many Americans, some have gained undesired weight, and others have unintentionally lost weight.

A new poll found 61% of 3-thousand adults experienced the pandemic-15.

It’s been a challenging 15 months on multiple levels.

One of the easiest ways to injure oneself is to rush the process of returning to exercise, going too hard, too fast.

In fact, it takes only two to three weeks for you to lose that muscle strength you worked so hard to build for and just two weeks to lose some cardio fitness.

Health contributor Gerry Blaze has tips on getting back to pre-pandemic health, or if your just getting started, things to keep in mind.

For the past 30 years Gerry Blaze has applied his knowledge to a vast number of clients of wide diversity.
Many of his clients have gone on to be famous T.V and radio personalities, models, fitness competitors and professional athletes.
Gerry has been featured in many high-profile magazines and news articles.
Gerry even had his own fitness segment on a cable show named “the Fitness Freak” and recently stared in a Huge Movie Documentary about one of his clients.
To this day Gerry continues his personal quest to attain as much knowledge as possible and vows to deliver only the very best he can offer to his clients.