How You Can Be A Warrior In Your Own Kitchen

How You Can Be A Warrior In Your Own Kitchen
May 19, 2022

‘Food for the Warrior’ is a fitting title in describing Tanya Lauro’s Cookbook.

Her mission started when she needed to lose weight to join the service.  She lost the weight with exercise and nutrtion and went on to serve 3-years on the Harry S. Truman as the ship’s servicemen.

“Thank goodness for the Navy.  That was a real turning point for me and it’s been full speed ahead since then”, Lauro said on Good Morning New Hampshire.

She told Jack Heath she always enjoyed cooking and would bring friends her experimental foods to test out, they loved it and that is how the cookbook idea came up.

“My goal is to have my own Veteran’s cooking show and to have other veterans on”, Lauro said. “Health and Fitness is very important to me I currently make meals weekly for 10 individuals and work at 3 homes making meals for the daily”.   For more information on Tanya’s Meal Prep Company or talk to her about a plan for your family you can email her at  http://Email

You can find ‘Food for the warrior’ on amazon.