Huff Brown Says One Vote, That’s The Law

Huff Brown Says One Vote, That’s The Law
April 6, 2022

Republican Congressional District Candidate Gail Huff Brown saying on Good Morning New Hampshire we can not nominate someone who has committed voter fraud.

“One person, one vote, that is not acceptable, it’s very serious.  If we don’t take it seriously who is going to”, Huff Brown said.

Records show Matt Mowers, a leading Republican primary candidate, cast a ballot in New Hampshire’s 2016 presidential primary.

At the time, Mowers served as the director of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential campaign.

After Christie’s bid fizzled, voting records show Mowers cast another ballot four months later in New Jersey’s Republican presidential primary.

When asked if she thought Former President Donald Trump would have an issue with it, she responded, “I would think he would have an issue. The only republican in the country who might have voted twice”.