Is There A Health Advantage To Being Lean; Our Health Contributor Says One Size Doesn’t Fit All

February 7, 2022

Six-pack abs.   Tight butts.  Lean, vibrant, flawless health. That’s the image the fitness industry is selling.  But have you ever wondered is lean healthy, and is fat unhealthy?

Health Contributor, personal trainer, and business owner Gerry Blaze talks about the trade-offs as you attempt to lose weight and improve health.

“Giving up certain thing doesn’t necessarily make a person a health nut.  It’s about making healthy choices”, Blaze told Good Morning New Hampshire.

Blaze went on to say no one size fits all when it comes to a person’s ideal weight.

“There are signs that can’t be ignored”, Blaze told Korie Eiles.

For more information on living a healthier life, you can contract Gerry Blaze at the Salem Athletic Club.