Marsh To Challenge Bradley

Marsh To Challenge Bradley
February 10, 2022

Republican State Rep. Bill Marsh saying on The Pulse of NH our biggest issue right now is we have radical people trying to change the people of New Hampshire.

Marsh announced Wednesday he will seek to challenge Sen. Jeb Bradley.

“I didn’t see anyone else planning to run, so I said I would do it”, Marsh told Jack Heath.

The Representative released a statement alongside his interview it read in part:   “We need a mainstream Senator advocating for the policies that most Granite Staters support, like well-funded public schools, science-based response to the pandemic, and strong protections for reproductive choice. We need a Senator with the character to push back against falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and policies that prolong the pandemic and put our economic recovery further out of reach for the people of New Hampshire. We need a leader willing to fight for everyone, and not just appease the radicals in one party. We need someone who will reject extremism from both sides of the aisle.”