‘Never Forget’ New Hampshire’s Honor Wall

‘Never Forget’ New Hampshire’s Honor Wall
March 10, 2022

Honoring the 93 New Hampshire warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in service to our country.

“Patriotic residents and businesses who want to do something, but not sure what can order these special plaques as a way to further honor a service member from their community in a unique way”, Phil Taub told Jack Heath.

Taub, Founder of Swim With A Mission, unveiled the plaque on Good Morning New Hampshire. https://www.swam.org/never-forget-plaque/

Each will be custom made to honor one of our 93 fallen soldiers. The plaque will have a QR code that will allow anyone to scan and interact with our honor wall.  Friends, family and the public will able a will be able to post comments, pictures and videos on the Honor Wall page as a living memorial to our fallen soldiers.

You can help keep the memory of our fallen heroes alive by purchasing and hanging a plaque in your home or business.