Newfields Officer Saves Suicidal Man

November 12, 2023

A local Newfields police officer was recognized this week for his ‘exceptional bravery’ in preventing the potential suicide of an armed man in the town Police Department parking lot.

Officer Jeffrey Peirce was awarded the department’s Life Saving Award during Tuesday’s town Select Board meeting.

Peirce was the first officer to respond and saw ‘a person inside a vehicle, windows rolled down, and they appeared to be upset.’

What Peirce didn’t know from the 911 call, and wasn’t expecting, was a gun in the hands of the 47-year-old man.

Peirce approached the man, asking his name and what was causing his pain.

While speaking with the man, Peirce noticed a handgun resting on his lap.

The man continued crying and lifted his hands to his face.

Peirce safety grabbed the gun, and later transported the man to Portsmouth Hospital for treatment.