Immunity Boosting Key To Fighting Severity of Covid-19 Infections

With COVID hospitalizations skyrocketing and approaching all time levels with Delta variant ripping through the U.S., vaccine hesitancy still continues despite over 90% of those hospitalized being unvaccinated.

But even those in support of vaccines, are worried as schools  especially parents with kids too young to receive the vaccine.

So if your child is too young to receive the vaccine, or you can’t receive it or don’t want to receive it, what are the best options to stay healthy as we head into the autumn?

The new book ‘Simplifying the Covid Puzzle’, contains hundreds of hours of peer reviewed clinical research from pediatricians and researchers Dr. Grace McComsey and Dr. Andrew Myers.

The authors simply and clearly explore how vitamins D and K2 act as a low-risk, proactive supplement combination that can be used by those seeking to increase immune system efficiency, lieu of the ability or hesitancy to receive a COVID vaccine.