NH Law Enforcement Prepared For Motorcycle Week

NH Law Enforcement Prepared For Motorcycle Week
June 9, 2022

Laconia Motorcycle Week is set to begin this Saturday and continue through Sunday, June 19th.

“We have it down pat.  We are expecting bigger crowds than past two year, the canadian border is back open. Weirs beach is the epicenter of the week”, Laconia Police Chief Matthew Canfield said on Good Morning New Hampshire.

Organizers say they are expecting huge numbers for the 99th edition of the oldest bike rally in the country.

“We are going to see alot of motorcycles in the state.  We are asking people to follow the speed limits, be more aware and check blind spots. One message that doesn’t change don’t drive impaired or distracted”, Commander of NH Offic of Highway Safety Captain Chris Vetter told Jack Heath.

Riders can expect all the favorites, like gypsy tours, demos, live entertainment and full week of races and other events at nearby NH Motor Speedway.    Vendors continue to set up today.