NH State Police Are Seeing New Older Candidates Showing Interest

NH State Police Are Seeing New Older Candidates Showing Interest
June 2, 2022

New Hampshire State Police Lieutenant Vince Grieco saying on Good Morning New Hampshire while applications to fill available positions are low, the quality of candidates is good.

“We have a few dozen openings.  We don’t look at the bottom line, we look at the applicant as they walk in the door”, Lt. Grieco told Jack Heath.

“Recruitment is happening across New Hampshire and New England.   We get out there and take our personal experiences and connect with students and those attending job fair’s on a personal level”, State Police Trooper Nicole Stone said.

A Probationaly Trooper joined us on the Pulse of New Hampshire to share his unique story with our listeners.

“I was in the U.S. Marine for four years, and deployed in Iraq.   I always wanted to service and protect. I decided to go for a career change late in life, I am 37-years-old”, Trooper William Spain said. “I was told it’s not age, it’s ability.  I’m a one step at a time kind of guy”.

Trooper Spain begins full time at the Police Academy on June 6.

For more information about New Hampshire State Police recruitment log on here: https://www.nhsp.dos.nh.gov/our-services/justice-information-bureau/recruitment-and-training/state-police-trooper-i-recruitment