St. Thomas Aquinas Alumni Petition for Diocese to Oust School’s Leadership

Juanita Lord, a 1969 graduate of Thomas Aquinas High School, enjoyed her educational experience at the Catholic school on Dover Point Road and graduated feeling satisfied with its treatment of all people.

‘I felt that people were really open to everybody. We were all accepted,’ she said. ‘We knew that we had gay and lesbian priests, nuns and teachers, and we knew that there were kids at St. Thomas that were different.’

Today, in 2023, Lord and many parents, students and alumni are concerned the school is no longer as welcoming.

St. Thomas leaders in recent weeks have been facing claims the school is dismissing four teachers, due to either supporting or having ties to the LGBTQ+ community.

The school has previously denied the teachers whose contracts are not being renewed were let go over LGBTQ+ affiliation.