Seaplanes Want to Beach Aircraft at Weirs

Seaplanes Want to Beach Aircraft at Weirs
July 1, 2024

Seaplanes could join swimmers at Weirs Beach if a request before city council next month is successful.

City councilors will hear a request from Epic Seaplane Adventures to designate and operate a seaplane base out of the Weirs at their first meeting in July, bringing the novel activity back to the city after decades without it.

The Epic Seaplane Adventures proposal would allow the company, which charters seaplane tours around Lake Winnipesaukee, to beach a plane outside of the swimming section ropes in order to avoid potential damage caused by rough waters, high winds or otherwise bad weather.

The Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics already approved and certified the Weirs Beach Seaplane Base through 2034.

Thanks to the Laconia Daily Sun for reporting.