Stepmom Of Harmony Montgomery Under Arrest

Stepmom Of Harmony Montgomery Under Arrest
January 6, 2022

(Manchester, NH) — The wife of a New Hampshire man, whose daughter has been missing since 2019, is now facing charges herself.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office announced the arrest of Kayla Montgomery on welfare fraud charges for allegedly collecting more than 15-hundred-dollars in food stamps for the girl.

Harmony Montgomery hasn’t been seen since 2019 and her father, Adam Montgomery, is facing multiple charges including assault and custodial interference.

Court documents released this week suggest Montgomery abused the girl after gaining custody of her and is now refusing to say where she has been for the last two years.

Harmony was only reported missing to police last week.

A cash reward for information leading to her location has now climbed to more than 40-thousand dollars.