Sunday Supper With Vito

“Sunday Supper with Vito” is a “Throwback” radio broadcast featuring comedy, the mob and a great dish featured in each episode. Picture if the Three Stooges were made part of the Sopranos! The show is hosted by Bob Kosch, a Talk Show Host, Comedian, Author, Movie Producer and loves all things food! After the thirty minute broadcast on Sunday nights the video portion of this project, entitled “Counter Intelligence” is played on demand on our Youtube channel, the Iheartradio app and more. Nothing to do with spying, but everything to do with what you can make on the kitchen counter. You can click on the link to watch how the highlighted meal gets prepared. Plus, you can order our sauces and related products from our E-Commerce partner at for delivery in your area. Plus, you can find out more of what’s going on in upcoming episodes by visiting our website at for free copies of our recipes detailed on our shows.