Sununu Supports Suspension Of Federal Gas Tax, But It Doesn’t Get To The Core Of The Problem

June 23, 2022

A 100-dollar credit could be on the way to nearly all residential utility customers under a new relief package to help with the high cost of energy.

“We have managed our state very well, we have a strong economy, we have managed our finances very well, we have a record surplus and we are going to give it back to the citizens”, Governor Chris Sununu said on Good Morning New Hampshire.

The Governor is proposing using 60-million dollars in state surplus funding to help cover bills.

The automatic credit would be applied to statements from August through the end of 2022, if the plan is approved by the state legislature.

Governor Sununu also commenting on Oil CEOs visiting to the White House for an emergency meeting over the high cost of gasoline, ” The Biden Administration is coming in a day late and a dollar short.  The baby formula shortage, the plant was shutdown October of last year, it’s took them 6 months to have a meeting on it”.