Vote! Election Day is Tuesday November 6th

Vote! Election Day is Tuesday November 6th
October 31, 2018

All info and links are direct from the NH Secretary of State website.

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Electronic Ballot Counting Devices

Frequently Asked Questions
Voter Registration
Voting in Party Primaries
Voters with Disabilities
Uniformed and Overseas Voters
Uniformed and Overseas Voters – Voter Registration
Uniformed and Overseas Voters – Absentee Ballot Request

Master Election Ballot Column Rotation 2012 – 2020

Ballot Column Rotation – 2018

Names on Checklist History – Party Registration 2008-2018

Order of Names on Ballot – town elections (June 2018-June 2020)

Polling Places for State Election in Towns and Cities

Registering to Vote in New Hampshire | Voter Registration Deadlines

State Election Results

Voter ID Law and Voter ID Explanatory Document

Voting in New Hampshire | Voting as a College Student | Incarcerated Felons | Voting Absentee |

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