Boscawen Police Seek Driver in Hit-and-Run Incident

Boscawen Police Seek Driver in Hit-and-Run Incident
June 5, 2024

Boscawen police are seeking the driver of a dark-colored sedan who hit and injured an 8-year-old girl on Tuesday night.

The driver was traveling toward Penacook above the speed limit when he or she hit the girl in the back outside 334 Queen Street at approximately 8:55pm and immediately drove away southeast toward Penacook, according to Boscawen Police.

The girl was transferred to Concord Hospital with possible serious internal injuries.

In hitting the girl, the car lost its front passenger side mirror and sustained damage to the same area, according to debris police found at the accident scene.

Residents of the area with security camera footage or additional details are asked to contact police 603-753-9124 or