Celebrating With Fireworks in New Hampshire This Summer

Celebrating With Fireworks in New Hampshire This Summer
June 29, 2022

CONCORD, New Hampshire – With summer officially underway, New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Sean P. Toomey reminds residents and visitors that leaving fireworks to the professionals is the safest way to enjoy them.

“Fireworks can be exciting and enjoyable, but they can also be dangerous.”

For those who are legally able to purchase and use fireworks products where they are allowed, there are important safety guidelines that we call “The Three B’s.”   Be prepared. Be safe. Be responsible.

Be Prepared:

-Fireworks can only be legally purchased from a licensed retailer in NH

-Local town ordinaces must be followed. Some locations may not allow fireworks, or may require a permit.

-Call your local fire department to check on current fire danger conditions.

Be Safe:

-Keep spectators at a safe distance. Each firework device has a specific safety distance listed on its instructions.

-Never mix fireworks and alcohol and/or drug use.

-Do not change or manipulate a firework in any way.

-All fireworks should be set off outdoors and away from anything that can burn or easily ignite.

Be Responsible:

-Do not attempt to re-light a firework that does not go off.

-Clean up firework debris when finished.