Congresswoman Kuster On Roe V. Wade: “I Wasn’t Surprised, But It Seemed Unnecessarily Cruel”

June 27, 2022

US Representative Ann Kuster criticized the Republican legislature and Governor Sununu on Good Morning New Hampshire for the recently passed state abortion rights law.

GMNH Host Jack Heath asked Congresswoman Kuster do you take the governor that he is pro-choice and would veto any attempt to change the current law, she responded,  “Not when he talks outside both sides of his mouth. There was a recent quote on a conservative talk show and he proudly proclaimed he was the first pro-life governor New Hampshire has ever had and had signed into law the first abortion ban ever in New Hampshire, and thats people just don’t trust him”.

Congresswoman Kuster condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade saying in part, “the ruling inserts the government directly into the private lives of women and their families, and that is not what Granite Staters want. Although this decision is a setback, we will not give up the fight for women’s reproductive freedom”.