Loons Rescued from Lake Opechee

Loons Rescued from Lake Opechee
March 6, 2024

The mild and rainy weather this winter have lead to changes in the behaviors of loons.

Biologists at the Loon Preservation Committee in Moultonborough have observed or rescued many loons that didn’t make the usual seasonal migration to the ocean this year, instead staying behind to ride out the winter on lakes.

Two such birds were rescued on Lake Opechee, they were swimming around an open area estimated to be about 25 feet wide.

Loons that get iced-in are at great risk. If they are forced onto the ice, they have no way to find food for themselves, and become easy pickings for land-based predators.

If the area of open water shrinks, they can become targeted by bald eagles, since they have little way of escaping.