Mowers Says Gas Prices Top Issue Facing NH Voters

June 8, 2022

Matt Mowers officially files for Congress in the 1st District telling Good Morning New Hampshire the ink has now dried, setting up a potential rematch if he wins the Republican primary against U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas.

Mowers telling our listeners inflation is the number one issue facing everyone,’it’s the crazy out of control inflation that we are seeing and all the things that are driving that.   whether its the socialist spending spree in Washington, whether it’s the shutdown of American energy production here that is driving gas prices to 5 dollars a gallon it contributes to everything”, Mowers told Jack Heath.’

He also called out threats at private homes of SCOTUS Justices over the possible ruling on Roe V. Wade.

“We have to, whether it’s policy maker’s who are elected or judges, we have an ability to share our disapproval on issues and that is at the ballot box, we need to change the discourse here, you can’t be threatening Supreme Court Justice’s live or politican’s lives, its just wrong”, Mowers said.