Smith Slams Hassan On Energy Policy

May 17, 2022

Republican US Senate candidate Kevin Smith on Good Morning New Hampshire criticized incumbent Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan for being hypocritical with her record on domestic energy.

“It’s an election year if she is trying to do an about-face on many of these issues, we all know where she has been for the past five years, she has been absent on these issues. She won’t say if she supports the green new deal, which would be a socialist takeover increase energy prices would increase even more than they are now, she said nothing when the Biden administration put a halt on the keystone pipe line”, Smith told Jack Heath.

According to a court document filed Monday, U.S. border officials encountered 234,088 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in April, topping March’s 22-year high of just over 221,000.

“Illegal border crossings are only going to be exacerbated when title 42 is set to expire. It impacts every communty in the U.S., we are seeing illegal drugs in our state.   We can’t ignore that.  The government isn’t doing anything to secure the border down there”, smith said.