The five major US Senate Republican candidates sparred in our live debate on GMNH

The five major US Senate Republican candidates sparred in our live debate on GMNH
August 16, 2022

CONCORD NH – In one of the few live debates of the primary season, the five main Republican candidates for the US Senate race squared off in the studios of the Good Morning New Hampshire Show on The Pulse of NH this morning.

The candidates tackled questions ranging from the FBI raid of Mar-A-Largo to abortion rights. In attendance for the debate were; Don Bolduc, Senator Chuck Morse, Kevin smith, Bruce Fenton, and Vikram Mansharamani. All five said they support New Hampshire’s current abortion law which restricts abortion access only in the last trimester. All the candidates said they opposed federal funding for planned parenthood. All candidates said they are pro life when it comes to the abortion debate.

All five had some degree of criticism over the legal justification for the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. All five also seem to question whether or not the motive of the FBI may have been political and they claim that sets of dangerous precedence going forward.

Kevin Smith seemed to be the aggressor when it came to criticizing the frontrunner Don Bolduc over different positions he has said as a candidate. Smith claimed that bulldog shoots first and then tries to restate what he said on issues ranging from foreign policy to the FBI or on criticisms about Governor Chris Sununu. Smith also criticized Senator Chuck Morse for supposedly voting for federal funding for planned Parenthood something more said was not accurate.

Bruce Fenton said the number one problem facing our country today is tyranny and criticized most federal agencies and call for the abolishment of agencies such as the FBI and the department of education. The other four candidates said inflation is the number one issue facing most New Hampshire families. All five criticize the climate and tax bill that was signed into law today by President Biden saying it will raise taxes on most New Hampshire middle income families. The Republican candidates also blasted Senator Maggie Hassan for supporting the climate and tax bill and for supporting Joe Biden and his administration on energy policies which they claim are making America weaker. The field was split on the question if the United States should intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan.

The five Republican candidates also blasted Senator Maggie Hassan and the Democrat Federal delegation for failing to convince National Democratic powers to be to preserve and protect New Hampshire’s First in the Nation presidential primary status.

All five of the candidates said an endorsement from former president Donald Trump in their race would have impact and all five said they would welcome a trump endorsement. To hear the entire debate listen HERE