Unmanned Gas Station Proves Vital in Dunbarton

Unmanned Gas Station Proves Vital in Dunbarton
May 28, 2024

Heavens Gas, an unmanned gas station in Dunbarton, has become indispensable to locals.

Located at the intersection of Stark Highway North and Winslow Road, this small gas station, with only two pumps, provides an essential service for residents who would otherwise have to drive to nearby communities like Concord to fuel up.

While unattended gas stations like Heavens Gas are rare in New Hampshire, they must adhere to specific regulations set by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to ensure safety.

One of the requirements is the presence of an emergency stop button at each pump island.

If a customer notices a leak, fire, or spill, pressing the button immediately cuts power to the pump, preventing the situation from escalating.